Sightseeing by tram - a normal Ruhrbahn ticket is enough

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For travelling on the cultural tram line, KulturLinie 104, you are best advised to use the 24/48-hour ticket in der of price level B..

The24/48-hour ticket allows you to travel alone or in a group of up to five persons in all buses, trams and trains (2nd class) of the public transportation network (VRR). The ticket is valid for 24 or 48 hours after being stamped. During this time, you may travel as often as you wish within the territory covered. Plan your own journey of discovery with unlimited hop-on, hop-off access and see all cultural attractions from Bredeney to Gelsenkirchen central station.

„Get on and off – it's well worthwhile!“

  1. ZÄPP - get the free Ruhrbahn-App on your mobile phone. Select your device.
  2. Please register into the app.
  3. Before departure buy your 24/48-hour ticket online.
  4. The 24/48-hour ticket is valid immediately after purchasing and is stored on your phone.

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Her you can get your ticket as well:

You can buy tickets for the KulturLinie 107, which runs as one of the Ruhrbahn scheduled services, also without the app. Tickets are available