Musiktheater Gelsenkirchen (01)

Major post-war theatre opened in 1959
  • Musiktheater im Revier (MiR) was built by Werner Ruhnau and is one of the most important post-war theatre buildings. The building with its two stages, the Big and the Small House, was opened in 1959. The merging of architecture and visual arts, for example the huge monochromatic works by Yves Klein, lend this theatre its unique character. But it is the artistic excellence of its dedicated ensemble of singers, its unconventional stage directors and its stage designers which really make the Music Theatre. It is impossible to imagine the MiR’s programme without the internationally renowned Schindowski Ballet. The MiR has been a listed building since 1997.


    Theaterkasse opening hours: 
    Mo. u. Sa. 10.00-14.00 Uhr, 
    Di-Fr 10.00-18.30 Uhr

    Distance from the Musiktheater stop: 40 m