Kunstschacht Zollverein (08)

Apartment, studio and coal and steel museum of Thomas Rother

The studio of the artist Thomas Rother is located in the former power station of the pits 1/2/8 of the Zollverein colliery. Alongside contemporary works by the artist, the building houses a coal and steel museum. Visitors can see everyday scenes from the lives of coal miners’ families as well as a collection of old miners’ tools and machines. In Kunstschacht Zollverein you can also find one of the largest collections of statues of Saint Barbara, the patron saint of miners. The wide range of objects of interest is rounded off by a garden of sculptures, which is situated directly at Kunstschacht.


Distance from the Zollverein Nord Bahnhof stop:
500 m, turn right into Bullmannaue, follow signs