Ruhr Museum (14)

Museum of natural and cultural history

It is regarded as a new welcome portal for guests to the Ruhr area from all over the world. The Ruhr Museum: a museum like no other, at a location like no other. The architect's office, HG Merz, integrated the exhibition rooms into the former coal washery at the "Zollverein" World Heritage Site. Here, visitors to the World Heritage Site are offered an historical panorama of the Ruhr area in the last centuries. An unusual, all-embracing concept which also includes global cultural and geographical developments.

Visitors can look forward to an exhibition trail which - starting above ground in the building  with the Ruhr area of the present day - guides visitors ever deeper into this region's past. Knowledge and expertise are presented with new and extraordinary exhibits for the visitors to "grasp" in the literal sense. Historical links between the culture of the Ruhr area and nature are intended to enthral visitors in a graphic and entertaining way.


Gelsenkirchener Straße 181
45309 Essen

0201 24681444

Distance from the Zollverein stop:
150 m, use the Zollverein guidance system (model)