Eltingviertel (18)

Former workers’ district with listed houses from the Gründerzeit, built from 1880
  • The housing district between today’s Altenessener Straße and Stoppenberger Straße was built in the form of a chessboard in the 1880s. The so-called Eltingviertel is the first and therefore oldest systematic extension of the town centre. It was designed as a living area for the workers from the neighbouring Victoria-Mathias colliery. Named after Hermann Elting who built it, the Eltingviertel gives an interesting insight into large-scale housing construction in the 19th century. In Eltingstraße you can see a row of brick houses and rendered buildings from the Gründerzeit, the period of rapid industrial expansion in GermanyToday, many of the houses in Beisingstraße and Eltingstraße are listed buildings.


    Eltingstr. / Gertrudisstr. / Eltingplatz
    45141 Essen

    Distance from the Am Freistein stop:
    200 m, follow Beisingstraße, turn right into Eltingstraße