Theater im Rathaus (29)

The first comedy theatre in the Ruhr area

The "Theater im Rathaus", which was designed by Seiffert, is located in Germany’s tallest city hall (106 m). For more than a decade it has been the top address for the best entertainment and it was the first comedy theatre in the Ruhr area. The theatre sees itself as a complement to the Schauspiel Essen theatre, which mainly focuses on contemporary literature. With some 330 shows per year, the theatre presents a wide range of entertainment: light comedies, musicals, classics, crime thrillers and operettas are staged here. Many well-known actors from famous early evening TV series and detective dramas perform here, for example Günter Lamprecht, Grit Boettcher, Herbert Hermann and Uwe Friedrichsen.


Distance from the Rathaus Essen stop:
30 m, Rathaus exit