Siedlung Brandenbusch

Krupp housing estate, built in 1895

Above the Villa Hügel there is one of the most beautiful residential estates of the Krupp company. From 1895 on, Friedrich Alfred Krupp had it built in the neighbourhood of Villa Hügel for the increasing number of employees. Up to 600 employees attended to the Krupps in the heydays. Here, you can find buildings in the style of English cottages, much like the Altenhof I estate. The estate was constantly extended up to 1914 and you can find many ideas and influences from the garden city movement here. Some of the romantic half-timbered houses are now listed buildings. The church which belongs to the estate was built by Carl Nordmann in 1906 in the style of the turn of the century with a quarry stone plinth and a barrel vault.

Siedlung Brandenbusch
Siedlung Brandenbusch


Eckbertstraße / Haraldstraße / Klausstraße / Waltraudstraße
45133 Essen

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Distance from the Frankenstraße stop:
600 m, follow Frankenstraße, turn right: Am Brandenbusch

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