Bürohaus, 20er-Jahre-Architektur, erbaut 1922/23

The Glückauf-Haus in Essen is probably one of the most attractive office buildings in North Rhine-Westphalia. Situated between Bismarckstraße, Friedrichstraße and Rüttenscheider Straße, it was constructed in the early 1920s according to the ideas of the head of the Municipal Planning Office, Ernst Bode. The Glückauf-Haus symbolises industrial change in Essen. It impresses the beholder with its expressionist, traditional and innovative architecture. The Glückauf-Haus is home to the oldest movie theatre in Essen: the Glückauf cinema. It had to be closed down in 2001 as the derelict building had to be demolished in 2007 and rebuilt according to the original dating from the 1920s. It was reopened in December 2009. Today, ifm electronic is the tenant of the office building. When you enter the building through the side entrance on Rüttenscheider Straße, you can marvel at the life-size sculpture of a steelworker by Josef Enseling, illustrating Essen's links to the coal and steel industry. 



Friedrichstraße 1
45128 Essen


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Distance from the Philharmonic Concert Hall stop:
150 m, exit C, go straight ahead along Huyssenallee to Friedrichstraße

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