Headquarters of the factory welfare organisation on a former farm estate

The factory welfare organisation already started work in 1928 in a small wooden hut at the entrance to 1/2 pit at the Zollverein colliery. During opening hours, the welfare workers mainly gave advice to coal miners’ wives, helping them, for example, with applications for financial assistance or giving guidance on childcare, recuperation at a spa, sewing courses, sun-ray treatment etc. As there was not enough room, the hut was enlarged to twice its size a year later. But the group did not have ideal working conditions until they moved into Werksfürsorge I on Viktoriastraße in Katernberg. Fritz Schupp converted the former farm estate building specially for that purpose. The factory welfare organisation fell victim to the rationalisation measures at Zollverein and had to close in 1965.



Viktoriastraße 41a
45327 Essen

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Distance from the Katernberger Markt stop:
120 m, cross over Katernberger Markt, turn right into Viktoriastraße

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